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Miroslavo Stibůrek, Founder of MARKETEASERS.

Our Mission

Hi, my name is Miroslavo Stiburek, and I’m the founder of MARKETEASERS, an international and multilingual SEO & digital marketing agency that specialises on marketing niche brands and firms in the online sphere with a core specialisation on SEO and organic traffic generation. However, other areas that support SEO like Digital PR, Content Creation, Design & UX are equally important as they directly help and convert SEO efforts into paying customers. 

That’s where MARKETEASERS comes in as we bring our clients new visitors and customers to their online businesses and websites through modern digital marketing techniques, organic growth strategies, relationship building and overall strong online presence. 

We strongly believe in organic and sustainable marketing, hence our specialisation in SEO and content creation, however, we don’t shy away from PPC campaigns and advertising, when we need to complement our organic efforts or quickly launch and test a service or product.

I have personally been in the SEO game since my time at university, and celebrated early success in the field. I have launched my own online as well as physical businesses before and also worked on those of my clients and the companies I previously worked at. 

I have genuinely enjoyed the online marketing sphere, specifically SEO, content creation, branding and design since I was a kid, and I hope to transmit this knowledge to this project and to our clients.  

Biggest marketing challengeMy biggest challenge and success was to launch my own personal brand, original paintings store and my industrial design studio.


I know the challenges of niche brands and markets, usually dominated by people with a multidisciplinary approach and personality. I founded MARKETEASERS with a goal to cater to the specific needs of niche firms and brands. I know what it takes, and I know how to get you organic traffic and to the top of search engine results page.

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